Asked during her address why polls find that anti-American sentiment in Pakistan is among the world’s highest, Khar answered with one word: “Drones.”

“As the drones fly over the territory of Pakistan, it becomes an American war and the whole logic of this being our fight, in our own interest, is immediately put aside and again it is a war imposed on us,” she said.

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Hina Rabbani Khar, stating the obvious

As you all (hopefully) know, this report was released as a result of a study done by Standford  and New York University law school that pretty much makes the whole idea of using drones transparent. As Khar says, sure, you might hit a few terrorists, but the cost of lives that piles up from deaths of innocent civilians is illegal and insensitive to ignore.

I really hope Washington is listening, reading, altering their plans. Or quite frankly, it’s not going to go well- for them or for Pakistan.

(via globalaffairsblog)